Will You Join THE Call NOW™?

Call US Number

Participant Access Code: 635560#

Dial-in Number
U.K. +44 (0) 330 606 0520 | U.S.A. +1 (641) 715-3836

To Join The Call™ follow these simple instructions.

Firstly, choose to Join by either:

A) Joining using a telephone line – land line or mobile*.

  1. Choose the correct dial in line for your country (e.g. UK, USA or the best one for you from the international dial in list which you can download by clicking here.).
  2. Wait for the Prompt then enter the Participant Access Code: 635560 then press #.
  3. Wait for the confirmation then if the code is correct press 1.


B) by using the FreeConferenceCall App*

This requires a “Good” Internet / Data Connection

  1. Find the app on the App Store relevant to your device.
  2. Download the FreeconferenceCall App.
  3. Enter the relevant Call In details.